MPEG-Manager 1.43 (Edition 2000)
for Windows 9x / Windows NT and Linux (Wine)

1999 DietzelSOFT

The MPEG-Manager is a bundle of different tools for managing, searching, playing and converting mpeg-files (sound or video). It contains five different programs. These programs are:

  1. The QuickStart-Module (for a quick launch of the different programs)

  2. the Scanner-Module (scans mediums [e.g. hdd, cd, zip, sparq, ...] for mpeg-files)

  3. the Viewer-Module (searcher, converter, playlist-generator, ... [the main tool])

  4. the MPEG-Player

  5. and a mpx search-module for searching new mpx-files in a local network (called Mpx-Finder)

At the moment MPEG-Manager is only avaiable in english language.

Please mail me your suggestions about this program to or use this HTML-form.

If you want to be a prepublic-tester of the newest versions of MPEG-MANAGER just write a mail to DietzelSOFT.


Read documentation of MPEG-Manager and take a look at the screenshots: Click here

You can download it here: MPEG-Manager (v1.43 Edition 2000) (32-bit W9x/NT)